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Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways

Oregon’s innovative Scenic Bikeways program offers the very best of Oregon’s scenic, historic, natural and cultural experiences — from the seat of a bike. Learn more about the Oregon Scenic Bikeways program, get your travel guide and come ride Oregon!

  1. Painted Hills Scenic Bikeway

    • Length: 160.9 miles
    • Origin: Fossil
    • Cities Near the Route: Mitchell, Kimberly, Spray

    Official Maps from Oregon Parks and Recreation Download map and cue sheet GPS Painted Hills Scenic Bikeway GPS Route Description Bicycling through the Painted Hills reveals millions of years of history in the layers of earth, one color at a time.…

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  2. Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway

    • Length: 54.8 miles
    • Origin: Ashland
    • Cities Near the Route: Talent, Phoenix

    Rider Notification, June 5, 2017: The road surface is gravel at mile marker 12 on Green Springs Highway due to a slide. ODOT has only one lane open and has installed a signal light. All cyclists must stop and wait for a green light to proceed. Road…

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  3. Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway

    • Length: 60.9 miles
    • Origin: Port Orford
    • Cities Near the Route: Sixes, Langlois

    Official Maps from Oregon Parks and Recreation Download map and cue sheet Route Description A Wild and Scenic river, lush cranberry bogs, towering basalt sea stacks and vast ocean views await riders on the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway. The 60…

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