7 Bikes for 7 Wonders: Crater Lake

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** August 8, 9:46 a.m. update: The Crater Lake bike was found by Leland Gilmore at 7:15 a.m.  A bike racer from Portland, he found the bike a few hundred yards from Whitebark Pine Picnic Area along the Rim Route.**

Each of the 7 Wonders of Oregon offers a different, exciting ride. To celebrate this, we asked seven of the best bicycle builders in the state to each build a one-of-a-kind bicycle, one for each of our 7 Wonders. This bike was built for Crater Lake.

For a custom bike-builder like Mike DeSalvo, every bike is built for a specific customer. But when it came time to design this bike, he was faced with a unique new challenge. “What if Crater Lake is the customer? What would I want to build for that ride?” He deeply pondered the challenge. “It’s not a ride to see how fast you can get around the lake. What’s been fun is that it allowed me to reflect on Crater Lake, and the things I’d want to do on a bike there, not what a customer is asking for.”

And so he went about designing a bike for Crater Lake. He calls it “a top-notch titanium road bike, with all the bells and whistles” – each of them inspired by the prospect of riding around the lake. Disk brakes for the steep descending, large tires for the sometimes rough pavement. Electronic shifting for precision going up and down, with a wide range of gearing.

And a handlebar bag to carry a pair of binoculars or a good camera. As Mike puts it, “This is one of those rides you don’t want to rush through. Having the time to pull over and enjoy the scenery is one of the most amazing things about Crater Lake.”

He explains that the inspiration extends to the paint job, too. “Visually, the bike is a light shimmery blue – I was trying to capture the blue of the lake. A mural wasn’t going to work here, so I just went with a vibrant blue. I wanted this bike to be as stunning as Crater Lake.”

In the end, Mike has done what he’s best at: he’s built a bike that is a perfect fit for the customer.

This bike is size medium/large, suitable for those 5’8″ to 5’11″ tall.

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  1. Sounds like fun. Let’s get it!

  2. We love Desalvo Cycles! Mike is such a great craftsman, he’ll make you a sweet ride!!

  3. I ride Crater Lake every year. I bet this bike enhances the experience exponentially!

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  5. ive seen the bike in person it looks amazing

  6. Thora would be a dream come true!

  7. What a great and fun idea! This makes me want to be out and about more!!!

  8. What a gorgeous bike!!

  9. I want to ride CL! I’m not quite 5 ft TALL.

  10. i would love to win this beautiful bike. It would be an honor to own a bike That is custom made by Mike. We love Crater Lake.

  11. I would be so honored to own this bike. I could only dream to have a bike like this one.

  12. The crater lake bike is as beautiful as the lake itself

  13. I am a native Oregonian. Riding the Crater Lake rim is on my bucket list.

  14. did my first ride at Crater Lake in May. incredible! This bike would be amazing!

  15. Bring on the bikes!

  16. Mike when i find this bike , You will see it go to green springs on many journeys, My bike i pieced together was just stolen so this is a must have

  17. I thought I read that the DeSalvo hunt was starting on August 3rd, now I’m seeing the start date is August 8th?

    Please advise.
    Thank you.,

  18. Can’t wait to go look for this one. There’s a Marathon/Rim-run up there on the same day. Should be a bit of traffic and runners all around.

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