A New Resource: ‘Ask Oregon’ Online Ambassadors

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If you’re looking for more information on Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways, or any other bike trip in Oregon, there’s a new resource to help you plan that trips. Travel Oregon’s new ‘Ask Oregon’ ambassador program lets visitors have their travel questions answered by a panel of local experts. For cyclists that includes bike aficionado and author Otis Rubottom, and for other types of adventures there are whitewater river guides, family travelers and other passionate Oregonians available to provide guidance and insight. For more information or to submit questions to the ‘Ask Oregon’ ambassadors, visit www.traveloregon.com/ask-oregon.

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  1. We are planning a 3 week trip in Oregon next July. We will carry our road bicycles. We are looking for scenic rides in rural routes. Climbing is not an issue. Our first itinerary plan includes 3 days in Portland, 6 days in the Columbia gorge area, 5 days along the coast, and another 6 days in the Eugene/Salem area. We will rent a SUV to carry our bicycles and to travel between each city. Thanks for helping us.

  2. Nicole, here’s some resources for bike trip planning: http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=36638&a=70570

    I’d add that there’s a new book with “best bike tours” for Oregon (called Cycling Sojourner: Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Oregon)as well – if you’ve got 15 bucks to invest you may find it worthwhile.