Ride Yr Bike Thursday Night Ride (Portland; every Thursday)

November 24, 2016 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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  • Nearby Cities:
    Portland, Wilsonville, Oregon City, West Linn, Tualatin
  • Region:
    Greater Portland, Mt. Hood / The Gorge, Willamette Valley
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Stay Safe

In Oregon, a bicycle is legally considered a vehicle, and the same Oregon road laws apply. Please “be seen” and practice safe riding. Vehicle traffic, farm equipment and narrow shoulders exist on many Oregon roads, and you may find that construction projects, traffic or other events may cause road conditions or signage to differ from the map results, ride descriptions and directions. For travel options plus weather and road conditions, visit tripcheck.com, call 511 (in Oregon only), 800.977.6368 or 503.588.2941. Routes listed on this website are for informational purposes and intended as a reference guide only.

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Thursday Night, the streets are ours. Come one, come all! Bring yr bike and your enthusiasm. We are going to RIDE, nice and easy in a big chill group. Slow pace, taking the main streets in the inner city, through downtown and around the main streets of N, NE, and SE. There will be a beer/snack/restroom stop near the end of the ride.

We are out to have fun, to celebrate life. We are out to get bikes into the street. Bring your friends and your excitement.


Rule #1 No complaining about the rules
Rule #2 Don’t be a jerk
Rule #3 Pack out all waste
Rule #4 Stay with the ride leader over Burnside bridge
Rule #5 Don’t play chicken with oncoming traffic in any capacity or you will get relegated to the back
Rule #6 Don’t overtake cars, stay with the group behind vehicles or you will get relegated to the back
Rule #7 Be especially attentive if you are at the front of the pack or you will get relegated to the back
Rule #8 You not only represent the group, you represent my bike shop, see Rule #2
Rule #9 Newer riders, slower riders, and people who are chill by default roll at the front

Mutual respect is the law of the land. Respect each other and respect yourself! Make sure everyone gets home SAFE. We are out to bring positivity!


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