Fall Foliage Rides

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Photo courtesy of Eugene, Cascades & Coast

Nearly half of Oregon is covered in forests. And while most of these forests are made up of evergreens, you can almost always find a deciduous tree (or several!) peeking through between the pines. Come fall, it’s a beautiful sight — entire pine forests dotted with red and gold, or streets lined with leaf-shedding trees that add a little autumn magic to Oregon neighborhoods.

We’re enjoying an extended dry season this fall, and the crisp air makes for ideal viewing. In the next month, why not take some time to explore your area for some fall foliage?

Here are some ideas and resources:

Oregon Fall Foliage Blog

Travel Lane County has a fantastic resource: an entire blog dedicated to spotting fall foliage all over the state. Leaf locators will update the Oregon Fall Foliage Blog and ORFallFoliage Twitter page as reports come in throughout the fall season. (You can even become a Leaf Reporter or a Junior Leaf Reporter!)


Here are a few regional rides that are known for their forest views and plentiful fall colors:

Recreational areas

In addition to the routes listed about, you can’t go wrong riding around one of Oregon’s beautiful state parks, state forests, nature reserves, arboretums and recreational areas.

Search our trails for a forest route near you, or discover parks and attractions in your area at TravelOregon.com.

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