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Looking for ride inspiration? We’re here to help you find your two wheeled nirvana. Here is where you’ll find a treasure trove of suggested itineraries – road routes and trails that vary from one-day samplers on up to full weeks of bike bliss. You’ll find official Oregon Scenic Bikeways routes here, as well as highlights from Cycle Oregon’s most recent routes, plus some of our personal favorite trips. Start exploring!

Rider Alerts:
— Cascading Rivers Scenic Bikeway is temporarily closed as of 9/15/14 due to wildfires in the area. Learn More
— 7 miles of I-84 between Hilgard State Park and La Grande in Northeast Oregon is temporarily closed to cyclists traveling both directions. Learn More

Featured Itinerary

A Multi-Day Journey on the Old West Scenic Bikeway

In 2013, we at Ride Oregon partnered withPath Less Pedaledto create a series of short, inspirational videos featuring ourOregon Scenic Bikeways. For each video, we sent a small group of cyclists out to experience our Scenic Bikeways and the…

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  • Length:
    173.8 miles
  • Location:
    John Day
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Oregon Cycling Updates

  1. Staying Safe on Your Bike

    Author: Brynna King

    How do you prioritize safety when you ride a bike? When many people think of bike safety, they think of the obvious: Wear a helmet and pay attention. And while both are excellent pieces of advice, they don’t give a complete picture of what it…

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  2. Gravel Routes: New on Ride Oregon

    Author: Brynna King

    In Oregon,we don’t limit ourselvesto paved roads. And wedon’t even stop at mountain biking trails. That’s because our state’s landscape includesremote expanses chock full of mountains, shorelines, prairies, rivers,…

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  3. Oregon Cycling Pioneer: Chris Bernhardt

    Author: Brynna King

    Oregon is well-known and well-loved for its mountain biking bounty with forests, mountains and valleys that form magnificent backdrops for some of the best trails in the world. But for Chris Bernhardt, that’s not quite enough. We have lots…

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