Gorge Scenic Route

  • Length:
    52.7 miles
  • Nearby Cities:
    The Dalles, Hood River, Mosier
  • Region:
    Mt. Hood / The Gorge

Taking the back roads between Hood River and The Dalles is a great experience – you get the chance to ride the Historic Highway outside Hood River with no traffic and incredible views, go through the fun town of Mosier, and climb up to (and descend from) Rowena Point, plus the road into The Dalles is rurally scenic. I prefer to ride this starting from Hood River direction, but it’s great either way. Doing this in both directions is a full day; consider a shuttle.


  1. This is a fantastic ride. I made it into a loop, heading out of Mosier up State Road and 7 Mile Hill Road, down into The Dalles, and then back on Hwy 30, which is very quiet. Great roads, very little traffic and spectacular view. The first five miles or so of the Historic Highway which is closed to cars is amazing. I also particularly enjoyed picking cherries from one of the many “U-pick” farms outside Mosier – a delicious cycling snack!