Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway in Two Days

Scenic Bikeway Itinerary

  • Length:
    134.5 miles
  • Nearby Cities:
    La Grande, Baker City, Union, Haines, North Powder
  • Region:
    Eastern Oregon

This 134-mile ride encompasses sections of the original Oregon Trail and takes riders near historic small-town communities in northeastern Oregon. Ride under a scented canopy of Ponderosa pine forests, past stunning views of the Blue Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains and across dramatic, sagebrush-covered rangelands near La Grande and Baker City.

The Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway is a great trip for riders of all skill levels as its roads are wide and have limited traffic. This Bikeway’s proximity to all types of services and amenities means riders can fashion a challenging non-stop ride or break the trip into leisurely segments.

Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway in Two Days

There are a few different ways to split up the full Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway into two-day segments, but the most popular and straightforward is to follow the bikeway route to its approximate halfway point in Baker City on the first day, and return to La Grande on the second day. You can alter this split by setting off from Baker City instead, or by starting the route in a clockwise direction.

La Grande/Baker City split

Day one: Ride from La Grande to Baker City following the first half of the Bikeway through Union/North Powder/Haines (60 miles). Stay the night in Baker City.

Day two: Ride from Baker City to La Grande following the second half of the Bikeway through Medical Springs/Pondosa/Union/Cove (74 miles).

Keep in mind that dividing the route this way will make for a longer second day with a noteworthy climb through Medical Springs.

Accommodations and stops along the way

Plenty of establishments are happy to play host in both Baker City and La Grande, and you can break up the ride further with rest stops in towns along the way. To get started, check out this helpful list of bike-friendly businesses from the Visit Eastern Oregon blog.

Download a turn-by-turn cue sheet for this route: Grande Tour Cue Sheet
Download a detailed map of the overall route: Grande Tour Map
Download an inset map of La Grande: La Grande Inset Map
Download an inset map of Union: Union Inset Map
Download an inset map of Baker City: Baker City Inset Map



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