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Photo courtesy of Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours

We’re lucky here in Oregon to have an amazingly diverse topography, with several mountain ranges that make for some excellent summer trail riding. Ask Oregon riders about their favorite trails, and you’re likely to get a lot of different answers. That’s because each beautiful region in our state has epic trails, unique features and distinctive scenery that make it easy to love.

The Cascade Range runs through the heart of Central Oregon, with tons of biking trails that overlook lakes, rivers and meadows full of wildflowers.

Mt. Hood, the highest peak in Oregon, makes up the northernmost part of the Oregon Cascades. Riding Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge offers great river views, old-growth forest trails, steep canyons and more.

The Pacific Coast Range follows the Oregon Coast, creating a beautiful backdrop for riding. Here, you’ll find a climate that’s slightly cooler than the rest of the state’s, with fantastic ridges and views of the Pacific Ocean.

In and around Portland, explore several state and national forests that feature great XC, freeriding and downhill tracks.

Wide-open wilderness and miles and miles of national forest make up Eastern Oregon, where you can ride six separate mountain ranges and surrounding terrain.

In Southern Oregon, explore the Klamath Mountains and the Southern Oregon Cascades, along with hilly regions and trails in the Rogue Valley and Lake County.

Summer Mountain Biking Events

Oregon organizations host multi-day trail tours, festivals and events throughout the summer. Some of the largest events are listed below:

High Cascades 100 (July 21, Bend): This endurance race includes up to 80 miles of single track and raises money for the Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

Helens Fest III (July 27–29, Mt. St. Helens): Join the Northwest Trail Alliance for this three-day event, including one day of volunteer trail work and two days of riding on Mount St. Helens. The Trek demo fleet will make an appearance!

Mountain Bike Oregon (July 20–22 and Aug. 17–19, Oakridge): This three-day festival in the central Cascades is a perfect summer event for intermediate and advanced riders who want to explore Oakridge trails.

Tour de Outback (Aug. 4–5, Lakeview): This two-day mountain and road tour through Lake County will help raise funds for a new cancer treatment center.

Additionally, check out Oregon Adventures’ summer tours, including three- and five-day “Best of Oakridge” tours, Cog Wild’s Bend Bike and Brew weekends and weekly rides with Bend Bella Cyclists.

For a full list of Oregon cycling events, check out our event calendar.

Biking Resources

Trail maps and tour guides can help connect you with the best mountain rides in Oregon, from the Coast Range to the Cascades to the Blues. Use these tools to find great resources in and around the state:

Get out and ride Oregon this summer — you’ll find both well-traveled trails and brand new terrain to explore.

Have a mountain biking trail, event or resource you’d like to add to Ride Oregon Ride? Let us know.

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