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Photo by Greg Raisman

Portland reclaimed bragging rights earlier this year as the most bike-friendly city in America — and it feels good to be back on top.

Maybe we’re biased, but most Portlanders will tell you the Rose City is pretty much a shoo-in for the designation, which is based on a city’s “robust cycling infrastructure” and “vibrant bike culture.”

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has been on a mission for many years to create safer, calmer, greener Portland neighborhoods. Its latest effort is a network of “neighborhood greenways” — designated streets that prioritize cyclists, pedestrians and people at play over motorized traffic.

Neighborhood greenways are part of Portland’s Bicycle Plan for 2030 — a long-term program that will encourage bike riding in hopes of decreasing automobile traffic, creating safer neighborhood streets, keeping city-dwellers healthier and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Photo by Greg Raisman

These low-traffic, low-speed neighborhood roads include a variety of improvements directed toward cyclists, such as directional signs that list nearby destinations, pavement markings called “sharrows” (pictured above) that indicate the presence of bicycle and foot traffic, stop signs that favor greenway traffic, speed bumps and, on busy arterials, extended medians with bike islands that help riders cross safely.

These roads already make up a pretty large network throughout the Portland metro, and many more greenways are in the works.

Here are a few ways you can support and enjoy Portland’s neighborhood greenways project:

  • Check out the most recent greenway developments on PBOT’s current project map. This map shows both existing routes and planned greenways throughout Portland.
  • Go for a ride! Portland’s greenways are designed to connect with existing bike paths, trails, parks and more. Take a look at the map to find a greenway route to your favorite destination.
  • Participate in ribbon-cutting ceremonies and neighborhood celebrations as new routes are introduced. The new Going Street greenway is hosting several events this season, and you can still catch a few — including “Going to Work” and “Going to School.” For details, visit the PBOT website.

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