Cycling Resources

A great ride takes more than just you, two wheels and a superb trail or road. We’ve compiled a broad range of resources to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Rider Alert: 7 miles of I-84 between Hilgard State Park and La Grande in Northeast Oregon is temporarily closed to cyclists traveling both directions. Learn More

Find Bike Friendly Businesses in Oregon

BF-badgeOregon loves biking and that’s why we are the first state in the nation to have a Bike Friendly Business program. Bike Friendly Businesses are committed to welcoming cyclists, offer amenities riders may need and have officially been recognized by the state.

Find a Bike Service in Oregon

Oregon offers all the bike services you can want, including world-class bike shops, renowned guide companies and highly helpful shuttle services. While you’re planning a ride, here are even more resources to…

More services you might find helpful on your ride

Traveling with your Bike

If you’re bringing your own bike, we’re ready for you. Here are some details to make it easy to get here and get…

Bike Clubs

Whether you enjoy riding road bikes, mountain bikes or even unicycles, there are numerous bicycle clubs you can connect with in Oregon. These clubs have regular group rides that you’re welcome to join, as well as some special events and even tours.…

Maps & Guidebooks

We have an abundance of cycling maps and guidebooks available to help you plan your peak bike experience – and many of them can be downloaded free from this…

Did you know you can build your own Trips?

If you find several routes you’d like to connect, it’s easy to build a personalized, custom trip itinerary:

  1. As you find one or more mountain biking trails or road routes you’d like to explore, click on the “Add This to a Trip” page on each route.
  2. The first time you click to add, you can create a name for the trip and save the trip on your personal page.
  3. From there you can add as many mountain biking trails or road routes as you like to that trip, and they’ll all show up on your trip page.