Arriving by Train

Oregon train stations served by Amtrak on the Cascades and Coast Starlight routes include:

Taking your bike on Amtrak trains

There are several options for transporting your bicycle with you on your Amtrak journey. The method you choose depends on the train you take. Options include:

  • Bicycles stored onboard in bike racks
  • Bicycles as checked baggage in a box or other secure container
  • Bicycles as checked baggage secured by tie-down equipment (not in a box)
  • Folding bicycles brought onboard as carry-on baggage (availability varies)

Cascades runs between Seattle and Eugene with stops in Portland, Oregon City, Salem and Albany, and it’s a great way to access the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. No need to box your bike for this train — just reserve a bike spot for an extra $5 when you book your ticket. Bike space is limited, so reserve early and get to the station early. You will need to remove your panniers.

Coast Starlight runs between Seattle and Los Angeles, with stops in Portland, Salem, Albany, Eugene, Chemult and Klamath Falls. This train requires that bikes be boxed.


Boxing a bike for travel is much easier than it may seem. Amtrak sells very large cardboard boxes specifically for this purpose. Cyclists can just remove their pedals and handlebars using an Allen wrench — no need to remove your wheels. The box is big enough that the bike just rolls right in. Boxes cost $15, or you can supply your own box. Keep in mind regular boxes from bike shops are much smaller and require much more work to get a bike inside. Either way, there is a $10 handling fee. If you want to box your bike, plan ahead: Bring your own pedal wrench and arrive at least 25 minutes early to have plenty of time to buy the box and prepare your bike for shipment.


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The Oregon Department of Transportation Passenger Rail Program is responsible for the planning and development of Oregon’s growing passenger rail service within the federally designated High Speed Rail Corridor between Eugene and Portland.