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Photo courtesy of Mid-Valley Bicycle Club, http://www.mvbc.com/

Photo courtesy of Mid-Valley Bicycle Club

There’s a lot to be said for taking to the open roads alone — just you and your favorite bike. But if solo riding is the only kind of riding you do, you’re missing out on something pretty amazing. We live in a state where riding is valued highly, and thriving cycling communities exist within every region. Getting together with other people who are stoked about cycling inspires, challenges and builds community in ways going it alone never could.

Bike clubs meet in Oregon year-round, with events that range from morning rides and weekend tours to trail-building and maintenance days — followed by a good few hours of quality-control testing, of course.

We have bike clubs in most regions, including Central, Eastern and Southern Oregon, Portland and the Willamette Valley. We have kids’ clubs, women’s clubs, men’s clubs and even a unicycle club. Whatever your wheeled fancy, be sure to check out Ride Oregon’s list of bike clubs, along with the many club-related events listed on our event calendar.

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