Ashland Area

  1. Tom Pearce Park Trail Family Ride (Grants Pass)

    Length: 1.2 miles | Origin: Grants Pass
  2. Rogue River Greenway Trail Family Ride (Grants Pass)

    Length: 4 miles | Origin: Rogue River
  3. Cathedral Hills Trail Network (Grants Pass)

    Length: 10 miles | Origin: Murphy
  4. Mt Ashland Super D Trails

    Length: 14 miles | Origin: Ashland
  5. Mt. Ashland Mountain Bike Route

    Length: 15 miles | Origin: Ashland
  6. Bear Creek Greenway

    Length: 20 miles | Origin: Ashland

Ashland Area Highlights

  • One of Oregon’s most biologically rich areas.
  • Fast-rolling, steep terrain.
  • Mild climate makes for long riding seasons.
  • Varied rock types, including volcanic and granitic.
  • Trails of all types, for all skill levels.

Destination Video

Video by Taylor Sage

About Ashland

Southern Oregon’s Ashland lies in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains and the Cascade Range. Because of the amount of rain they receive, these mountains are known for their rich biodiversity and lush vegetation. The Klamath-Siskiyou region, which stretches from southwestern Oregon to northwestern California, has the largest concentration of intact watersheds and roadless wilderness left on the Pacific coast. The 15,000-acre Ashland Creek Watershed area starts on Mount Ashland, the tallest of the Siskiyous, and contains 700 acres of forest — and the Ashland Watershed trails.

Several trailheads lead to a hugely diverse range of both single-track and fire-road mountain biking trails throughout these forests. Riders come here for the incredible scenic backdrops, the diverse riding experience — from oak savanna to mixed conifer growth, the fast trails and steep drops and the granitic rocks, which provide a nice respite from the volcanic rock to the north. The trails here are diverse enough for any skill level, so it’s a perfect spot for families or other mixed-ability groups.

Every May, Ashland hosts the Spring Thaw Mountain Bike Festival, one of Oregon’s largest mountain biking events, with cross-country and downhill races. The 12-mile Ashland Mountain Challenge, Oregon’s longest downhill mountain bike race, takes place in June.

Hook up with local business Ashland Mountain Adventures for shuttle service, including mid-mountain shuttles, to any location in the Siskiyou Mountains.

Bike Rentals

To rent a mountain bike in Ashland, get in touch with Ashland Mountain Adventures, Bear Creek Bicycle or Main Street Adventure Tours.

Photos of this Area