Bend Area

  1. Radlands Trail System

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Redmond
  2. Horse Ridge Trailhead

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Bend
  3. Horse Butte Trails

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Bend
  4. Blackrock Trail

    Length: 4.1 miles | Origin: Bend
  5. Shevlin Park Loop

    Length: 4.8 miles | Origin: Bend
  6. Bend Riverside Trail – Out and Back

    Length: 7 miles | Origin: Bend
  7. Tumalo Creek Out & Back

    Length: 7 miles | Origin: Bend
  8. Smith Rock (River, Burma, Summit Loop, Wolf Tree Trails)

    Length: 7 miles | Origin: Terrebonne
  9. Swampy Lakes / Swede Ridge Loop

    Length: 8.2 miles | Origin: Bend
  10. Gray Butte Loop

    Length: 9.2 miles | Origin: Terrebonne
  11. Skyliner-Whoops-Jim’s-Phil’s

    Length: 10 miles | Origin: Bend
  12. North Fork / Farewell Loop

    Length: 9.6 miles | Origin: Bend
  13. Benham Butte Loop

    Length: 11.2 miles | Origin: Bend
  14. Upper Metolius/Windigo Loop

    Length: 11.1 miles | Origin: Sisters
  15. Burma Road Loop

    Length: 11.4 miles | Origin: Terrebonne
  16. Cultus Lakes – Loop or Out and Back

    Length: 12 miles | Origin: La Pine
  17. Suttle Tie & Loop-Out & Back

    Length: 13.1 miles | Origin: Culver
  18. Tumalo / Swede Ridge Loop

    Length: 13.6 miles | Origin: Bend
  19. Deschutes River Trail – Central Oregon

    Length: 13.8 miles | Origin: Bend
  20. Grasslands Road Tour Loop

    Length: 14.5 miles | Origin: Terrebonne
  21. Sisters – Peterson Ridge Trails

    Length: 15 miles | Origin: Sisters
  22. Phil’s / Storm King / GS Loop

    Length: 15.7 miles | Origin: Bend
  23. COD / Storm King / River Trail Loop

    Length: 17.8 miles | Origin: Bend
  24. Mrazek

    Length: 20 miles | Origin: Bend
  25. Newberry Crater Rim Trail

    Length: 20 miles | Origin: La Pine
  26. Newberry Crater Rim Loop

    Length: 20 miles | Origin: La Pine
  27. Bachelor to Bend

    Length: 20-30 miles | Origin: Bend
  28. North Fork / Flagline Loop

    Length: 20.6 miles | Origin: Bend
  29. Edison / Lava Lake Trail-Out & Back

    Length: 20.8 miles | Origin: La Pine
  30. Metolius/Windigo – Sisters Shuttle

    Length: 24.3 miles | Origin: Sisters
  31. Bachelor / Sparks / Lava Loop

    Length: 28 miles | Origin: Sisters
  32. Todd Lake to Three Creek Lake – Out and Back

    Length: 28.4 miles | Origin: Sisters
  33. Bachelor to Bend – Shuttle

    Length: 30 miles | Origin: Sisters

Bend Area Highlights

  • A cross-country mountain biker’s dream destination.
  • Riding for all skill levels and terrain preferences.
  • Drier climate with sandy volcanic soil makes for great winter riding areas.
  • Lots of alpine riding.
  • Trails suit a wide variety of riding equipment.

Destination Video

Video by Kent Johnson, NorCal Productions

About Bend

There’s something for everyone in the trails surrounding Bend. Dry, volcanic soil makes for smooth and fast riding most of the year, and rolling cross-country single-track that’s not technically difficult allows novice riders a chance at the good stuff, while still offering experienced shredders plenty of excitement at higher speeds. These trails are also great for a wide variety of riding styles and equipment — it’s not uncommon to see a ’cross bike on a mountain bike trail in Bend. Many Bend-area trails are managed and maintained by the Central Oregon Trail Alliance, a great, nonprofit, volunteer-driven collaboration between local riders and the Forest Service — so trails are built and preserved year-round using sustainable land-management practices.

Bend itself offers a fantastic post-ride destination, with dozens of local breweries and restaurants, plus great lodging options. Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours, the only mountain bike tour company in Central Oregon, is also a great resource. Cog Wild offers local day trips, including a Bachelor-to-Bend ride and a Central Oregon single-track sampler, as well as fully supported mountain bike vacations, such as “Bend’s Ultimate Adventure,” “Bend Family Adventure” and “Bend Bike & Brew.”

Bike Rentals

Several Bend bike shops, including Pine Mountain Sports, Sunnyside Sports and Hutch’s Bicycles, offer mountain bike rentals for your trip.

Photos of this Area