Black Rock Mountain Bike Area

  1. Dino’s Run Around (Black Rock)

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Falls City
  2. Sunday Stroll/Brake Check (Black Rock)

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Falls City
  3. Slayer (Black Rock)

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Falls City
  4. Sickter Gnar (Black Rock)

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Falls City
  5. Granny’s Kitchen (Black Rock)

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Falls City
  6. Basic Training (Black Rock)

    Length: 0 miles | Origin: Falls City
  7. Bonzai Downhill (Black Rock)

    Length: 4.7 miles | Origin: Falls City
  8. Black Rock Mountain Bike Area

    Length: 9 miles | Origin: Falls City

Black Rock Mountain Bike Area Highlights

  • A free-rider’s paradise set in a verdant forest.
  • An IMBA Epic Ride.
  • Intermediate to extreme terrain.
  • Extensive human-built terrain and wooden features.
  • Great spots for spectators to watch other riders.

Destination Video

Video by Keegan Quiroz

About Black Rock

The Black Rock trail system is located outside Falls City, southwest of Salem. It’s maintained by a great relationship between the Black Rock Mountain Bike Association and the Oregon Department of Forestry. Designated as an IMBA Epic Ride by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, Black Rock consists of smooth terrain bolstered by extensive human-built wooden features, including skinnies, ladders and jumps. You’ll also encounter big gaps, berms and drops in this free-rider’s paradise.

Black Rock has four primary trails, a couple secondary trails and a skills-development area at the base of the mountain known as “Basic Training,” where riders can practice on the same types of features they’ll encounter throughout the area.

It’s recommended that visitors to Black Rock have previous mountain biking experience, as all the terrain is rated for intermediate to extreme skill levels. If you’ve ridden before but aren’t super-comfortable with free-riding and human-built features, the Basic Training area can help you get acquainted — and if you get stuck on the mountain, all trails have ride-around routes to help you get down safely. (But before you ride down, you may want to camp out for a while — Black Rock has great spots in the woods where spectators can watch skilled riders hit the massive features.)

Bike Rental

In Salem, check out Santiam Bicycle for mountain bike rentals, or South Salem Cycleworks for hybrid rentals.

Photos of this Area