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Butte Falls – Prospect

  • Length:
    69.9 miles
  • Difficulty:
  • Nearby Cities:
    Sisters, Shady Cove, White City, Butte Falls, Trail
  • Region:
    Central Oregon, Southern Oregon
  • Attributes:
    Lake Views, Rural, Wildlife Views

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Stay Safe

In Oregon, a bicycle is legally considered a vehicle, and the same Oregon road laws apply. Please “be seen” and practice safe riding. Vehicle traffic, farm equipment and narrow shoulders exist on many Oregon roads, and you may find that construction projects, traffic or other events may cause road conditions or signage to differ from the map results, ride descriptions and directions. For travel options plus weather and road conditions, visit, call 511 (in Oregon only), 800.977.6368 or 503.588.2941. Routes listed on this website are for informational purposes and intended as a reference guide only.

Start north on OR-62 E/Crater Lake Hwy 407 feet (124 meters)
Turn right on Butte Falls Hwy 8.4 miles (13538 meters)
Continue southeast on Butte Falls Hwy 2.7 miles (4424 meters)
Turn left onto Cobleigh Rd 1.3 miles (2090 meters)
Continue onto Broad St 3.3 miles (5291 meters)
Turn right onto Cedar Ave 0.2 miles (315 meters)
Turn left onto Truck Rd 0.3 miles (428 meters)
Turn left onto Plumb Creek Ln 131 feet (40 meters)
Turn right onto Fish Lake Rd 0.6 miles (953 meters)
Turn left onto Butte Falls-Prospect Rd 5 miles (8024 meters)
Turn right on Butte Falls-Prospect Rd 2.6 miles (4142 meters)
Continue northeast on Butte Falls-Prospect Rd 16.4 miles (26444 meters)
Turn right onto Mill Creek Dr 0.3 miles (416 meters)
Turn left onto 1st St 0.3 miles (492 meters)
Turn left onto OR-62 W/Crater Lake Hwy 2.1 miles (3416 meters)
Turn left at Katydid Rd 0.1 miles (200 meters)
Turn right on Mill Creek Dr 1.3 miles (2155 meters)
Head west on Mill Creek Dr 1.4 miles (2179 meters)
Continue northwest on Mill Creek Dr 0.2 miles (386 meters)
Continue onto Mill Creek Dr 1 miles (1588 meters)
Slight left onto OR-62 W/Crater Lake Hwy 7.6 miles (12210 meters)
Continue southwest on Crowfoot Rd 7.8 miles (12499 meters)
Turn right onto Butte Falls Hwy 7.6 miles (12238 meters)

The Butte Falls/Prospect Loop is an amazing ride into the Cascades. It has some good climbing – nothing that will break the legs – and superb scenery. Traditionally the ride starts at McGregor Park just below Lost Creek Dam. From there immediately turn right on the Crowfoot Road after crossing the Rogue. After 10 miles of gentle but consistent climbing, turn left on the Butte Falls road. After 3 miles of hard climbing the road flattens a bit for 5 miles of gradual climbing with spectacular views of Mt. McLoughlin. Continue past Butte Falls about 1/2 mile to the marked left turn to Prospect. The Prospect road is 25 miles of beautiful terrain. You cross several drainages, including scenic crossings of the South and Middle forks of the Rogue River. Crossing the drainages means you have about a half-dozen short climbs each followed by descents. Once in Prospect, turn left on Mill Creek Road paralleling the 1,000-foot-deep gorge of the Rogue River until the intersection with Highway 62. Follow 62, gradually climbing to a summit near the dam and end the ride with a fantastic mile-long 6% descent to the park.

About This Ride:
Starting from McGregor Park the ride is roughly 56 miles with 3,600 feet of cumulative climbing. If you are looking for a longer ride or want to spend less time in the car, there is a small parking lot at the beginning of Butte Falls Road at Highway 62. Follow the same route with a return on the Crowfoot Rd and you’ll have 71 miles with 4,200 vertical feet. Food, water, and restrooms are available in Butte Falls, Prospect and Cascade Gorge. There are no steep climbs on the ride, but Highway 62 frequently has a strong wind coming from the southwest.

Follow Highway 62 from Medford for 30 miles to McGregor Park just below Lost Creek Dam. If starting at Butte Falls Road, follow 62 about 2 miles north of Eagle Point; there is a small unpaved parking lot at the intersection.

Motorized Vehicle Traffic: Light to moderate on backroads; Highway 62 can be heavy but has good shoulders.

Seasons: Spring to fall

This ride brought to you by Siskiyou Velo.


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