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Sherar’s Falls Loop

  • Length:
    26.4 miles
  • Difficulty:
  • Nearby Cities:
    Maupin, Tygh Valley
  • Region:
    Central Oregon
  • Attributes:
    Extended Climbs, River Views

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In Oregon, a bicycle is legally considered a vehicle, and the same Oregon road laws apply. Please “be seen” and practice safe riding. Vehicle traffic, farm equipment and narrow shoulders exist on many Oregon roads, and you may find that construction projects, traffic or other events may cause road conditions or signage to differ from the map results, ride descriptions and directions. For travel options plus weather and road conditions, visit, call 511 (in Oregon only), 800.977.6368 or 503.588.2941. Routes listed on this website are for informational purposes and intended as a reference guide only.

Start southwest on Bakeoven Rd 440 feet (134 meters)
Turn right onto US-197 N 0.2 miles (381 meters)
Turn left onto Elrod Ave 102 feet (31 meters)
Turn right onto 3rd St 0.1 miles (212 meters)
Turn left toward Burnham Ave 0.3 miles (528 meters)
Turn right onto Burnham Ave 128 feet (39 meters)
Turn left on OR-216 E/US-197 N/The Dalles-California Hwy 2.5 miles (4103 meters)
Head northwest on OR-216 E/US-197 N/The Dalles-California Hwy 6.9 miles (11155 meters)
Turn left on OR-216 E/Sherars Bridge Hwy 3.8 miles (6049 meters)
Head east on OR-216 E/Sherars Bridge Hwy 4.1 miles (6629 meters)
Head southwest on BLM Access Rd/BLM Rd Acess Rsd 6.2 miles (9962 meters)
Continue south on BLM Access Rd/BLM Rd Acess Rsd 1.8 miles (2829 meters)

Start on the south side of the Deschutes River bridge. You’ll begin a twisting climb as soon as you cross the river. At 0.6 miles the road straightens as you enter “downtown” Maupin. At 0.9 miles you exit the town and the climb gets serious, with a hairpin and sharp curves. It mellows a bit after 1.5 miles, topping out at 3.3 miles. Say hello to the wind as you begin a series of gentle rollers. At mile 6.5 you finally get a descent. You can hit between 45 and 50 mph during the 2-mile drop to Tygh Creek. A mile and a half of flat leads you to the first turn on the ride, which is a right on Highway 216 at mile 10 toward Sherar’s Bridge. 216 starts with a mile-long climb followed by a number of rollers. At mile 14.9 you’ll begin a steep, twisting descent. It starts out with some open curves, drops like a rock and ends at mile 16.9 with a hard 20 mph curve to the left. There is a guardrail on the curve for a reason — Sherar’s Falls is waiting just over the side. There’s a bike-length-long dirt/gravel section at mile 17.3. You’ll cross the Deschutes again on Sherar’s Bridge at 17.5 and follow it with a hard 180-degree uphill right onto River Road. There are three cattle guards during this 8-mile flat section that parallels the river.

Highway 197 is in excellent condition. Highway 216 is a small farm road that is in reasonably good shape. River Road is flat and fast, though the wind can be interesting (usually starts out feeling like a tailwind then switches back and forth as it swirls along the river).

Motorized Vehicle Traffic: Light to moderate

Seasons: Spring to fall

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  1. A beautiful ride. I live in the area and have been over the route in a vehicle many times but it’s truly a very different experience on a bike.

  2. Great ride! We look for a low wind weekend day (less trucks on 197) and start the ride at Hunt park, west of Tye Valley, to add a few miles, stop for lunch at imperial river co for lunch and watch the rafters go by.

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