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Stayton to Aumsville

  • Length:
    20.6 miles
  • Difficulty:
  • Nearby Cities:
    Stayton, Aumsville
  • Region:
    Willamette Valley
  • Attributes:
    Flat, Rural, Wildlife Views

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In Oregon, a bicycle is legally considered a vehicle, and the same Oregon road laws apply. Please “be seen” and practice safe riding. Vehicle traffic, farm equipment and narrow shoulders exist on many Oregon roads, and you may find that construction projects, traffic or other events may cause road conditions or signage to differ from the map results, ride descriptions and directions. For travel options plus weather and road conditions, visit, call 511 (in Oregon only), 800.977.6368 or 503.588.2941. Routes listed on this website are for informational purposes and intended as a reference guide only.

Start west on Shaff Rd 0.1 miles (161 meters)
Head south on Wilco Rd 0.8 miles (1362 meters)
Head southwest on Stayton Rd SE 3.9 miles (6306 meters)
Continue northwest on Brick Rd SE 1.5 miles (2438 meters)
Continue west on Darley Rd SE 0.9 miles (1425 meters)
Continue north on Marion Rd SE 1.4 miles (2281 meters)
Continue onto 70th Ave SE 1.5 miles (2474 meters)
Turn left to stay on Little Rd SE 2.3 miles (3648 meters)
Turn left on W Stayton Rd SE 0.3 miles (438 meters)
Head north on W Stayton Rd SE 0.6 miles (990 meters)
Continue onto S 8th St 0.1 miles (215 meters)
Continue east on Main St 0.3 miles (550 meters)
Continue onto Mill Creek Rd SE 0.6 miles (886 meters)
Continue north on Bishop Rd SE 0.5 miles (739 meters)
Turn left on Bates Rd SE 0.5 miles (807 meters)
Head west on Bates Rd SE 0.5 miles (744 meters)
Continue south on W Stayton Rd SE 1.6 miles (2635 meters)

This easy spin takes rural roads in an irregular loop starting in Stayton.

  • Begin at Roth’s Market in Stayton
  • Turn left at Wilco Road
  • Turn right at Stayton Road
  • Turn right at Brick Road
  • Turn left at Darley Road
  • Turn right at Marion Road; becomes 70th Ave.
  • Turn right at Little Road
  • Turn left at West Stayton Road
  • Turn right at Main St. (Aumsville)
  • Lunch break in Aumsville
  • Continue on Main St. (Becomes Mill Creek Road)
  • Turn right at Bishop Road
  • Turn right at Bates Road
  • Turn left at West Stayton Road
  • Turn left at Shaff Road
  • End of Ride (Roth’s)

Motorized Vehicle Traffic: Light to moderate

Seasons: All


  1. Pretty but boring. Oh and make sure you realize Wilco Road is Golf something road on the other side. we ended up doing the whole ride backward.

  2. The section of Brick Rd on this map is actually a dirt road. If you are on a road bike you will want to avoid this section. Maybe go straight on Darley to Marion Rd instead.

    Also the directions and the map do not match each other, the map shows hunsaker as part of the map yet it is not listed. Someone may want to re-evaluate the directions. Anyway, riding out in this area is a beautiful ride on a clear day for sure!!!

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