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Interested in bike touring, but don’t know where to start?

For first-timers, planning a touring route, along with all the gear and resources you’ll need, can feel overwhelming. Yet with all the amazing bike routes in Oregon — including our pride and joy, the fantastic Scenic Bikeways — multi-day bike vacations appeal to riders with all kinds of experience.

A lack of expertise should never stop you from enjoying Oregon’s world-class road-biking routes. If the idea of a multi-day, self-supported tour excites you but the logistics make you a little queasy, one option to consider is a self-guided tour — a bike tour that combines the adventure and flexibility of self-supported touring with the convenience and support of a guided tour. “Self-guided” essentially means a touring company will fully plan the details of the tour, including your route and end-of-day destinations, but you’ll navigate yourself instead of riding with a guide.

A few different tour companies offer self-guided touring options in Oregon with varying levels of support. Support may include meals, lodging or camping, equipment carriage, bike rentals and more. The main unifying factor for self-guided tours is that you won’t have an expert riding alongside you. This can mean a less expensive trip, since you won’t be paying a guide each day, and it can also mean more flexibility and freedom, since you’ll be free to set your own pace, take a detour with your group and enjoy the company of the people you know best.

Several of our listed Oregon tour companies are willing to arrange custom tours with different levels of support, and the following businesses offer specific self-guided tours in Oregon:

Sojourn Bicycling
Lifecycle Adventures
Cascade Huts

Kick off your ride planning by searching for routes by region, or view upcoming guided tours to get acquainted with our many excellent Oregon touring companies.

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