Tour de Fronds: Go Wild!

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Two things to know about the Tour de Fronds: 1. It has a clever name (fern fronds, Tour de France – get it?) 2. It covers roads you would likely never ever ride unless you’re doing this event. Of course, once you’ve ridden it you’ll probably ride them every year, but if you haven’t maybe this is the year you should start.

This June 18 event, which actually offers 7 different routes from 30 to 101 miles, including road and gravel, takes place in some of the most beautiful and remote part of the southern Oregon Coast Range. It’s anchored in the community of Powers, and was created to celebrate the Glendale/Powers Bicycle Recreation Area, a little-known gem of Oregon cycling.

The routes show off the area’s profusion of old-growth forests, wildflowers, waterfalls, rivers, streams, mountain vistas and – yes – green visual explosions of ferns.

And if you enjoy a bit of climbing, you can scratch that itch here – several routes feature over 5,000 feet of elevation gain, with multiple Category 2 climbs.

The event itself is well-supported, with many and varied snacks and beverages available at each check-in area. Your registration also includes a large meal after the tour.

So try something different this year – you’ll want to get a T-shirt from this one for sure, both for the name and the accomplishment.

For more information, check out the event website.


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