Winter Cycling Events

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In most parts of the country, the temperature drops, rain starts to fall and people garage their bikes in favor of heated cars. But not so in the Pacific Northwest — at least for a tough minority.

Winter-season cyclocross is well underway in Oregon. It’s a huge craze — and a little crazy — and it thrives in our wet, muddy, hilly environment. It even includes beer, one of our area’s best-known natural resources.

Cold-weather cycling gets going each year with cyclocross races, most notably Cross Crusade, the world’s largest and most popular ’cross series. This year, the eight-week series of races has included events in Portland, Rainier, Bend, Barton and Hillsboro. This Sunday, November 18, the final race will take place at Portland International Raceway’s Pro Paddock Course, a pro course previously used only for the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross.

But after this weekend’s Cross Crusade finale, racers and spectators will still have plenty of opportunities to get their mud on.

Check out these upcoming winter cyclocross events:

Grab your ’cross bikes and cow bells and come on out — it’s the best way to discover why cyclocross is fast becoming an Oregon winter essential.

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